My name is Mayte. I founded Your Momentum in 2015 and I’m a certified Leadership mentor since 2019.

If you’re truly committed to improving your life in a holistic way, write to me now at mayte.clara10@gmail.com and let’s make it happen!

There are so many ways in which our world needs to be healed. Do you agree? I believe each one of us can make a positive difference. And so, I’m on a mission to help beautiful souls as you go from fearful to feeling fearless and dare to live the life you most want. Are you ready to create Your Momentum?

If you’re tired of mediocrity, of feeling like you could do so much more with your time and talents, I’m here to help you get out of your comfort zone, release your fears and move to action by encouraging you in your journey to becoming a powerful force of good. Let your dream be more powerful/bigger/stronger than your fears.

I work with overworked corporate, wild-hearted men and women, who are ready to take their talents to a higher level helping them reclaim their inner power and to develop their full potential and their most authentic selves by releasing their pain, fear, frustration or anxiety. I guide passion-fueled men and women out of fear and uncertainty, and into the beautiful lives of their dreams.

I believe that a successful life is one where you dive into your own creative adventure that speaks to your soul. I am very curious, and therefore love learning about a wide variety of topics and from extraordinary experiences in life. I value beauty and all kinds of freedom (financial, location, physical, emotional, mental…) and my priorities in life are happiness, love, joy, connection, personal growth, health and wealth (and there are many forms of wealth, more than just financial, which is also very important), in order to serve from a place of overflow rather than lack.

In my former life as an employee, I collaborated with some of the leading global organizations (some corporate and some public). I found myself very frustrated by the too many limitations that had no sense for me, knowing I could do so much more good in the world, improve many more people’s lives by focusing my efforts. You see, since I remember, I started volunteering when I was a teenager offering academic support for the kids of immigrants working parents after school. I’ve also volunteered in foreign countries, like Brazil, where me and the group that some friends and I managed to put together from different countries in Europe and North America, spent time playing with the kids of a favela in Sao Paulo and helped improve their school there. Later on, I also volunteered with global organizations like TED and in 2015 I co-founded the first TEDxWomen in the city I was living at that time. The theme was Momentum, and the moment it was over, I decided I wanted to create my own platform that I named Your Momentum. Through this platform, I’ve kept sharing inspirational content for more than 4 years now, hosted new events and offered coaching sessions on Leadership and Self-Development to men and women from different backgrounds and parts of the world. I’ve had to overcome my fears, self-doubts, and self-sabotage in the process. But these days, I use my experience working with people from very different backgrounds (cultural, social, economic, educational, religious…) to serve the beautiful souls that I work with.

It all started with a decision: I really wanted to have control over my life, to be in charge of it, the only one who can decide my fate and I wanted to help as many people as possible to do the same so that we can all express our full potential in this precious life we’ve been gifted. To do what we love, and to love what we do. By re-connecting to our inner power, we gain personal satisfaction (success) and more wellbeing / a positive impact or difference in the lives of others.

Eventually, “we become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to be each day.” – Richard G-Scott. And that’s what Your Momentum is here to do, to help you be consistent in taking the right actions for you to create the beautiful life you dream of. It is very easy to get overwhelmed. Just the logistics of getting through a day can wear you out. But remember that “for every disciplined effort there are multiple rewards.” – Jim Rohn. And you’re not alone in this. This platform is for beautiful souls like yourself who want to make a powerful positive impact. Like Michael Jackson sang “Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race. There are people dying. If you care enough for the living, make a better place for you and for me.” These lyrics have accompanied me all my life since I used to sing this song more than once every day when I was a little kid.

I write/talk about wellness practices for daily life such as meditation, journaling, music, exercise, body care, personal development, productivity, art, beauty… I also host events where kindred spirits meet to live beautiful, extraordinary experiences. So that we can all get the support needed to, together, elevate humanity in a very collaborative and compassionate way.

I make a conscious and consistent effort to show up as the person I truly am (flaws and all), and to inspire those who need it in a certain moment to live the lives of their dreams full of love, beauty, and happiness.